Beni Ourain Rug Sale (All sizes)


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Beni Ourain Rug Sale bring a mix of authentic and luxurious design with unique patterns to your living room area. They also offer a super soft addition and full warmth as an ideal accessory to your flooring insofar as a knotted rug has become more and more special piece along with colors, symbols and tastes.

Moroccan Rugs are available in different colors and styles, they help providing an authentic feeling and especially a comfortable environment to the home and professional climate. The use of Moroccan rugs is unlikely to decline because each of them has specific characteristics. In other terms, one rug never looks like the other. And this is what makes them popular all over the world.

  • State:New
  • Manufacturing: By hand
  • Materials: Organic Wool of sheep 
  • Condition: Perfect, clean, no damage, no stain at all
  • Size:All sizes

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