Berber BENI MGUILD Moroccan Rug 7x10ft


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The Beni Ourain and Beni M’Rirt areas are separated by around 200 kilometers, with the Beni M’Rirt region being farther to the west of the Middle Atlas Mountains. The landscapes of the two are very diverse, and as a result, the components are as well. Historically, this was expressed via the use of symbols in the design of old carpets. The Beni M’Rirt carpets are very rich and opulent, and have a close resemblance to the Beni Ourain designs. They are handwoven following the traditional Berber style, but have a different knot than the Beni Ourain, with a thinner wool yarn and a medium pile. Beni M’Rirt carpets are often bigger.

  • State:Vintage 
  • Manufacturing: By hand
  • Materials: Organic Wool of sheep 
  • Condition: Perfect, clean, no damage, no stain at all
  • Size: 223cm x 321cm / 7.31ft x 10.53ft

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