Moroccan Vintage Rugs Beni Mguild 6x13ft


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The Berber Beni M’Guild carpets are woven by the tribe’s women in the Middle Atlas region south of Meknes, between the towns of Ifrane and M’Rit, the capital of which is Azrou. They originate in a mountainous environment. They are made of thicker wool and, as a unique feature, are just one color, with variable fringes owing to the employment of several wools during the elaboration process. Originally, they were blue, green, and red; but, for some time now, purple and orange have been common. Certain vintage versions include typical rhomboidal motifs and fish thorn shapes. The ancient Beni M’Guild is scarce and has a hazardous but effective ornamentation. Certain motifs are reversible, with a different hue on either side.

  • State:Vintage from the 1970s
  • Manufacturing: By hand
  • Materials: Organic Wool of sheep 
  • Condition: Perfect, clean, no damage, no stain at all
  • Size: 193 cm x 396 cm / 6.33 ft x 12.99 ft

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