A7 | Handmade Moroccan ceramic Tajine dish from Fez

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Ps :  This tagine is only for serving, and not for cook.
Handmade Moroccan ceramic Tajine dish from Fez ,This is what we call a Moroccan ceramic tagine. It is so beautiful, fragile yet very strong you can use it on the stovetop at low heat, in the oven (up to 350F) as well as on any grill. The tagine is handmade; hand-shaped in its form; therefore, the uneven and asymmetrical shape is typical. This tagine is food safe, but it is not dishwasher safe.

We can make it at any Shapes, size  Contact us about What you want us to create for you ,This is all free service !! No extra fees !Or Check Our Design In Moroccan pottery  and Moroccan tagine pot .


Product Details

Fes ceramic tagine dish, handmade and hand-painted. This tagine is only for serving, and not for cook. This tagine dish is made to eat from in and also to decorate. This tagine is cooked twice at 1200 degrees, which allows it to be put in the dishwasher, also in the microwave.

Materials: Ceramic, Pottery, Ceramics, pottery

100% lead-free warranty

  • Safe materials: high quality ceramics, no harmful substances, graphic design makes them easy to stack on top of each other to save cabinet space without tipping risk, design edges make hands have more texture, luster and bright, very easy to clean.
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Hand painted tagines
  • Microwave and oven safe


Size: 24 cm width / 21 cm height.


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Handmade Moroccan ceramic Tajine dish from Fez

A7 | Handmade Moroccan ceramic Tajine dish from Fez

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