Long Moroccan Scimitar Sword with Ebony Wood Handle

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A finely crafted long Moroccan sword, similar to a Kodachi. A beautiful work of art, with an ornately decorated sheath and heavily deocrated handle. The blade is made of local iron, offset twice and double-edged, forged with a slight curve. Sourced from the Azlag Dagger Cooperative in central Morocco, the blade is a signature design of the dagger makers of Kelaat M’Gouna.

Materials used include stainless metal alloys–metal (silver, copper, brass, iron) alloys are sourced from Marrakech and is used to create the sheath of the dagger.

Large scissors are used to cut the steel/silver alloy into a dagger shape for the blade. When a metal sheet is cut to size, the artisans use a tagont to mold the metal into its final shape for the sheath. Then a sizou, a nail used to carve the metal, is used to tap in the ornate designs. Two metal rings attached to sheath allow for easy display. The blade is dull with light wear. For decorative use only.

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Product Details

* The original decoration for your interior or as a gift.
* Wonderful gift or renewal for your collection.
* The color may vary slightly due to lighting or display features.
* Any defects not mentioned but visible in the pictures are considered as described!.

* 100% Brand New and High Quality.


56cm long (22in)
6cm wide (2.25in)
2cm deep (.75in)

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Long Moroccan Scimitar Sword with Ebony Wood Handle

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Long Moroccan Scimitar Sword with Ebony Wood Handle

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