Vintage Moroccan Brass Tray Table | Small Moroccan Brass Trays


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Vintage Moroccan Brass Tray Table

These vintage trays are just absolute perfection for displaying your collections! Put things together on this thing and magic happens. This one has a great boho vibe. Perfect for your vintage bar!

Measures approximately 8 1/4″.



Vintage Moroccan Brass Tray Table

Small Moroccan Brass Trays

We offer a wide selection of serving hand hammered brass trays from Morocco and the Middle East, mid century Moroccan brass tray tables, hand-crafted copper tray from Iran and India. We carry many sizes and designs, each of the brass tray is one of a kind. These brass tray tables are great to use indoor and outdoor, they have a folding spider mahogany base for easy storage. Mosaik is a high quality arts and crafts store in Los Angeles

We offer Moroccan tea glasses, Moroccan tea trays, Moroccan tea tables, Moroccan brass trays, antique copper trays, antique silver trays, vintage trays from Morocco.

A Little Morocco’s silverware and brassware collection includes some of the finest new and vintage teapots, urns, decanters, platters and trays from the souks of Marrakech.

In Morocco it all starts with tea, sweet and delicious mint tea, served in a special Moroccan tea set composed of a Moroccan tea pot (also called a kettle) and is something that is treasured because of its beautifully decorated surface.

You’ll delight in being able to serve sumptuous tea with some of our vintage kettles and what better way to serve tea, then on our delightful trays.


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This is a typical Moroccan Brass Tray design of Best Moroccan Brass Tray. Offered to you by trusted Moroccan company, owned by locals. If this particular design doesn’t meet you taste, we have a wide range of Moroccan Brass Tray And ceramic to enhance your life style. Moroccan artisanal are our specialty and we ship worldwide.