Outdoor Lamp Shade Lights

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A Outdoor Lamp Shade Lights has a unique look that never fails to attract the attention of visitors and guests.This Colorful Moroccan Marrakesh Lamp is truly a work f art and typifies the freestyle of Moroccan Decoration, we construct our lamps from images in our minds rather than a preset plan, therefore our pendant Lamps are Unique and Simply beautiful


We can make it at any Shapes, size  Contact us about What you want us to create for you ,This is all free service !! No extra fees !Or Check Our Design In Moroccan lamps And Moroccan Pendant Lamps

Product Details

  • Size:Height: 30 cm /12,5″ • Width: 18 cm / 7″
  • Materials:BRASS
    Colour : Gold

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Outdoor Lamp Shade Lights

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