Morocco Women's Slipper Leather Slippers

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Our babouches are made of soft, supple, organic leather which has been processed naturally using inherited technics from old times.
Want to bring a colorful touch to your outfit? Artamazigh offers you this authentic babouche slipper beautified with Berber embroideries motifs. Very comfortable slippers with a lightly padded insole. Quality leather and original embroideries entirely make these Moroccan slippers unique. We’re sure that you will love them. In Morocco, each babouche slipper tells us a story. Soussia slippers are handmade by Berber craftsmen in southern of the kingdom. Berber slippers are distinguished by their colorful embroideries. First, the leather is embroidered in women’s cooperatives and then it is given to the craftsman in order to made slippers. Insole: leather Outsole: rubber For indoor and outdoor use.

  • Material: 100% Genuine Leather
  • Manufactured: Handmade
  • Gender: Womens
  • Size: all sizes are available
  • color: ( colors is available:Check)
  • Origin: Morocco

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Berber Morocco Slippers, Embroidered Moroccan Babouche, Amazigh Leather Loafers, Women Goatskin Mules, Durable Sheepskin Mules

Morocco Women's Slipper Leather Slippers

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