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 Moroccan Wooden chess game

This awesome moroccan hadicrafted box made of thuya wood (two elements from the same tree) is an original gift for yourself or anyone special for Christmas, birthday or any other celbration. It can be used to store jewelry, valuables, and more!Beautiful Wooden Jewelry Box, lockable with golden key. A floral pattern is hand carved with a gossamery silver filament on the lid.

Handmade item
Materials: Wood
Size:/ ( 40 cm * 40 cm )
16 / 16 inch


 Moroccan Wooden chess game

Moroccan Thuya Puzzle Box

This elegantly handcrafted board is made from the Thuya Trunk, Thuya Root and Lemon Tree many Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon Enthusiasts will appreciate it.The 3 games Board is the famous table Strategy and lucky games.
The Game Board is a Great Gift for all ages and Perfect for travel, tournaments, indoor, outdoors, and family fun.These fun games are very attractive amusement for friends and family parties even holidays and game nights.On the Top Board, we play Chess and Checkers.In the folding Chess board, we have a backgammon game even we store all the playing pieces.The exceptional Thuya Trunk, Thuya Root, and Lemon Tree used to make it and craftsmanship makes it worthy to be put out on display.Finished with several coats of shellac by hand (applied according to the buffer varnish method)

These beautiful boxes are carved from sacred Thuya Burl tree, an aromatic tropical hardwood native to the Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco. A member of the cedar family, and named by the Greeks from the word “thusia,” meaning “sacrifice,” the tree is beloved for its highly aromatic oils, once distilled and used as incense in spiritual practice. Some churches still work with thuya oil and resin for sacred ceremonies, and consider it medicinal in nature. Thanks to its high oil content, even the wood alone is powerfully fragrant, said to repel pests, and beloved for its ability to brighten the mood and uplift the spirit. Slightly piney, sharp, and fresh in scent, Thuya Burl is a firm, dense wood with dramatic patterning, spotted knots/eyes, and bright auburn chocolate coloring. No two pieces from a single carving are alike.

Thuya wood (pronounced two-ya) is from the Thuya tree (Tetraclinis articulata in Latin, and Araar in Moroccan). This biblical tree is a conifer from the cedar family, and is exclusively native to Morocco. This highly praised conifer grows only in the forests of the Atlas mountains east of Essaouira, the beautiful coastal town famous for its ancient and contemporary history, museums, art galleries, world music festival, and above all for its Thuya wood craftsmanship. Thuya wood was highly praised by Romans and Greeks, and its oils were used in religious rituals and ceremonies. Thuya trees reach maturity over many decades. Still the praised part of this tree is not the trunk, but the burl buried in the ground. The burl has a deeper color, a more concentrated aroma, and a fascinating grain. Today these burls are very scarce and hard to locate, extract, and transport. High demand over the centuries has greatly reduced the Thuya forests, and looking for underground burls is something like sifting through sand for grains of gold. Moreover, most of these burls are very small, therefore the fact that most of the items made from this luxurious wood are of a small nature. Another hindrance is that burls generally have large splits and defects that need to be cut out. When luck strikes and a large solid burl is found, it is bid on by artisans, and is sold to the highest bidder. Burls are moved from mountainous areas on mules and donkeys as they are the only form of transportation suited to the task. All that having been said, the real value of the Thuya handcrafted goods is in the highly skilled artists who intricately design Thuya burls into breathtaking masterpieces.


Thuya Burl is an exotic wood that the Greeks named thuya, meaning sacrifice, because they used an oil distilled from it as incense in their religious ceremonies. Some churches still use it and as sandarac oil it is valued for medicinal uses. The burls are as beautiful as they are fragrant and the Greeks and Romans vied with each other over furniture made from them. Thuya trees, along with cedars and oaks, once covered the Atlas Mountains of Algeria and Morocco, but because of over cutting, large areas have been treeless for hundreds of years. Thuya burl is fairly firm and dense with a high oil content, but tends to be brittle. Its color varies from a rich, lustrous golden brown to nearly black. The eyes, perfectly round, are scattered about in some burls like the figure in bird’s-eye maple; in others they are grouped as islands. An exquisite wood, today it is used for inlays, small boxes, turnery, and precious objects.

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