Moroccan Pottery Tagine

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Red clay tagine is great for cooking cereals, stewing vegetables and stewing meat in the oven.
Food cooked in red clay dishes gets a unique taste and aroma due to the shape of its lid. The secret is that the moisture in the food, even during prolonged cooking, practically does not come out and remains inside the dishes. Which is basically impossible with a conventional baking dish.

Materials: Ceramic
    Diameter : 11,6 in / 29,5 cm
      Height : 8,6 in / 22 cm
      Weight: 5 lb/ 2,4 kg
       Volume: 2,5 l
ECO red clay Moroccan tagine with lids made of red clay handmade without glaze and glass colorants. Rustic style

Moroccan Pottery Tagine

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