Moroccan Pendant Floor Lamp | Moroccan Pendant Lamp Shade


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Moroccan lamp, brass ceilling light, lamp shade, pendant light. housewarming gift. chrismas gift. Our antique brass pendant lamp is perfect for smaller spaces. Its shape allows for plenty of clean light to project as well as a subtle patterned light to emit through its floral design. This small cone shaped Moroccan ceiling light has been pierced by hand, using a fine blade fretsaw tool to create intricate patterns that really catch the eye. When lit this ceiling lamp will cast an array of fabulous shadows onto your walls, creating a tranquil ambience in any room of your home.

LAMP DIMENSIONS Height 30cm/ 11.81 inch Width 17cm/ 6.69 inch

  • *Color: Brass
  • *Surface Finish:
  • Antique, Matte / Satin *
  • Manufactured: Handmade
  • * Material: Brass