Z1 | Azilal Pouf Moroccan Carpet Pouf

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The Azilal region in Morocco produces some of the brightest, most beautiful, and colorful carpets in Morocco. These rugs are hand-knotted by the Berber woman of the area. We have taken these beautifully made soft rugs, and turned them into beautiful soft poufs, also known as amoroccan carpet pouf. These are unique and no two are the same, as each carpet, and cut is unique. They have the ability to spruce up any home with their beautiful colors and unique designs. The bold colors, and tribal writings found on these azilal pouf will add luxurious textures to your home decor. They have a strong zipper on the bottom for easy filling, as these poufs are shipped unfilled. If you would like this filled, please contact us for a quote, but you may find it more cost effective to fill at home. These are perfect for boho, bohemian, retro, or modern home styles. This product will hold its value if appreciated and taken care of, which makes it a smart purchase.

size:20 centimeters Width: 60 centimeters Depth: 60 centimeters

Materials: Wool, Natural Dyes


Azilal Moroccan Berber Carpet Pouf

Z1 | Azilal Pouf Moroccan Carpet Pouf

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