Moroccan Boujad Pouf | Vintage Moroccan Pouf


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Moroccan Boujad Pouf

Our vintage Moroccan Boujad Pouf are made by hand in Morocco and we buy them directly from the artisans. We pay the artisans fairly for their work and we are proud to offer fair trade products.This comfortable Moroccan Boujad Pouf in natural with boujaad pattern will bring a relaxing mood to your everyday home. If you wish to create a living space designed in Moroccan style, this pillow is indispensable. Simple and stylish at the same time, alluring and vibrant. The pouf comes unstuffed. You can fill the pouf with various materials like old blankets and pillows. Because of the big solid brass zipper closure at the underside, you can also easily use a foam mattress or you can also use your polyether flakes.

Material: Wool of sheep
Dimensions: 60 cm x 60 cm x 20 cm
Type: Floor Cushion made from Boujad rug

this Real Leather Ottoman Brown are delivered empty to save on shipping costs and tax , they are easy to fill, You can use polyester fiber lining or cotton, but you can also use old rags or towels to make it as firm or as flexible as you want