Koolscapes Pottery Solar Fountain

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Attractive, low-maintenance water feature: The elegant 5-tier KoolScapes Cascading Terracotta Fountain is solar-powered and simple to construct, allowing you to add a peaceful water feature to your garden or balcony without the need for extra wiring or energy. When the solar panel is fully exposed to the sun, the water flows continually, and the 5 m (16.4 ft) rope allows you to shift the panel as required to collect the sun’s rays.

A fountain that is ideal for modest outdoor spaces:
Apart from their inherent beauty, water features serve both the gardener and the garden by attracting pollinators such as songbirds and butterflies. This low-maintenance, self-contained cascading fountain is ideal for tiny locations such as balconies or patios. Constant water movement creates a relaxing, calm background noise and discourages insect reproduction, all of which contribute to the creation of your ideal outdoor paradise.

Tips for Optimal Use: Before using the pump, ensure that it is fully immersed in water.
Before starting the pump, inspect the output and tubing for kinks or obstructions.
Monthly cleaning will increase the life of your pump: Algae buildup may be rinsed away with a garden hose, and the solar module cleaned with a soft cloth and glass cleaner.


  • RUNS ON SOLAR POWER- The low voltage water pump is powered by a single solar panel so it requires no additional wiring or power source
  • ELEGANT TERRACOTTA DESIGN- Charming terracotta clay pots with white textured details add a unique touch to your balcony, garden or patio
  • LOW-MAINTENANCE WATER FEATURE- Water features benefit both you and your garden by providing peaceful, soothing water sounds and attracting pollinators like songbirds, butterflies, and bees
  • FLEXIBLE PLACEMENT- The 5 m (16 ft) cord lets you place or move the solar panel as needed to capture the sun’s rays while keeping the fountain where you want it
  • QUICK EASY ASSEMBLY- Setting up your solar-powered fountain is quick and easy with no tools needed

Product Details

  • Design: Cascade
  • Water Capacity: 1 gallons

Koolscapes Pottery Solar Fountain

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