Hipster Fanny Pack Pouch


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Hipster Fanny Pack Pouch

Handmade. Hipster Fanny Pack Pouch embroidered with Moroccan rug and stitched with leather. All desing kilim are differents, exclusives and uniques. This model is only for you. There will not be another bag like yours. You can also use the shoulder, across your back. It is a very durable material. It can be adapted to various measures. You can even add more holes. Leather is a very grateful material. Over time you’ll know.Colors Leather Fanny Pack, Bag leather Kilim, Handmade Fanny Pack, handmade Leather Bag, Embroidered rug leather, Moroccan Style, Unisex

Size:5×8 inches TOTAL: 125cm / 50 inches

Materials:Leather & Cotton.