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Boucherouite Moroccan Rug

Authentic Vintage Moroccan Boucherouite Rug with a Bohemian Spirit from Morocco.This Boucherouite Carpet is handwoven in a colorful palette, following no rules but the artisan mood and inspiration to give a superb outcome. A beautiful example of tribal art.

The colors interact in the amazing orderly yet random patterns that fill every space of this unique Boucherouite rug. A beautifully styled rug, a stunning collector’s piece.

Dimensions : 4.13 x 3.11 ft (126 x 95 cm)
Material: 100% cotton
Origin: Handmade in Morocco
Condition: Excellent condition!

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Boucherouite Rugs For Sale

The Boucherouite comes from a Moroccan phrase that translates to “a piece torn from pre-used clothing.” Boucherouite rugs are made totally from scraps of old nylon, cotton and wool textiles. Although maybe not its original intent, the Boucherouite just might have been one of the world’s first fully recyclable household decors!

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Boucherouite Rugs For Sale

A Moroccan BOUCHEROUITE RUG is made for domestic use out of recycled scraps of nylon, cotton, and sometimes wool. The weaver’s loom can become the ground of a passionate struggle between self-expression and the chaos of the unconscious, between the life-force of kinship ties and ancient traditions and the trials of modern life.

In small villages in the southern regions of Morocco, the women paint their hands and feet with abstract saffron-colored motifs, wear ornate dramatic jewelry, and weave carpets that are expressive of profound emotion – at once unconscious and spiritual, archetypal and primal, tribal and symbolic. In the often economically and culturally isolated, provincial homes where the Boucherouite is made, the domestic culture is curiously supportive of the weaver’s total freedom of expression through her craft.

Boucherouite Moroccan Rug

Moroccan Boucherouite rugs are woven by Berber tribal women for domestic use in the home. The word Boucherouite stems from the Moroccan Arabic bu sherwit meaning “a scrap from used clothing”. Indeed these whimsical works of art are made from recycled cloth and are both durable and warming to any space. Easy to clean, a Boucherouite rug is suitable for spaces experiencing heavy foot traffic. The humble origins of these rugs serve only to accentuate the remarkable nature of the finished products. Upcycling at its highest level, the talented Berber weaver makes art out of scraps. The unique design and captivating colors of this piece make it a rare artistic addition for any space. Measurement does not include the fringe.

Beldi Boucherouite rag rugs all handmade vintage pieces which were made for domestic use in Berber homes. Quite unlike new ones, which are all produced in co-operative workshops for the tourist market.

Boucherouite Ourika Rug 

The boucherouite rug is a modern intervention in the long history of the Moroccan Berber rug, where whimsy meets the humble “rag rug.” These rugs are made from recycled fibers and can include cotton, wool, or synthetics. Designs are most often asymmetrical, with a color explosion that befits the wall of a modern home, rather than the dusty landscape of their origin. They are truly a work of art, each unique to the weaver and the region, and there are no two rugs alike. 

Boucherouite Area Rug

Boucherouite rugs are handwoven by the Berber tribe women. They follow age-old traditions as well as beliefs in creating colorful rugs. Instead of using traditional wool to weave the rugs, women in Morocco’s Atlas Mountain region weave together these yarn rugs from recycled carpets, wool, cotton, nylon, and plastic from shipping bags and packaging material to create beautiful rugs. This new practice began around the middle of 20th century. 

  • A few traditional uses include:
    • Family use
    • Improvisation
    • Artistic expression
    • Convention

Moroccan Boucherouite Rugs

Boucherouite practices in Morocco originated from the women of Berber tribe, known as semi-nomadic and people entirely independent from urban cities like Marrakech and Fez.

  • Boucherouite practices originated largely for domestic use in the High Atlas Mountain regions of Morocco. The mountains range from the Atlantic Ocean in the west all the way to the Moroccan/Algerian border in the east. The mountains are home to Berber tribe who live on agriculture and other practices.
  • Many of the designs in Boucherouite rugs follow a mix of traditional and improvisational techniques.
  • The scarcity of local resources and impacts from global outputs contributed to the rethinking of weaving Boucherouite rugs. The practice of using traditional wools transformed into recycling accessible synthetic fibers and nylon.  

Qualities of Moroccan Boucherouite

  • Durable
  • Sustainable
  • Colorful & abstract
  • Uneven, irregular and unique
  • Handmade, stitched and embroidered

Boucherouite Rug Price :

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This is a typical Boucherouite rugs design of Moroccan berber rugs. Offered to you by trusted Moroccan company, owned by locals. If this particular design doesn’t meet you taste, we have a wide range of berber rugs to enhance your home decor. Moroccan artisanal rugs are our specialty and we ship worldwide