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azilal authentic rug 100% WOOL handmade rug

Azilal carpet comes from the hand-woven azilal region. My selection criteria for this Azilal was a combination of colors, unique patterns and the high quality of weaving.
this carpet and in a very good condition, very well clean.
dimension: 300 x 205 cm
condition: excellent

We can make it at any size , Contact us about size you want us to create for you This is all free service !! No extra fees !Or Check Our Design In Moroccan Azilal Rugs  Or Others Moroccan Berber Rugs For Sale

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Cotton Azilal Rug 

Moroccan Azilal Rug

Azilal Rugs are a unique style of Moroccan Berber Rug minimalist carpets.
These matchless Azilal carpets are usually produced by Berber village women, and the particular tribal patterns make every piece one of its kind. Created for a harsh winter of rural life in the Atlas Mountains, this Azila Moroccan carpet is made to last and bring a warm and cozy feeling during long winter nights.

Azilal rugs morocco

Azilal Morocco carpets from the Azilal region in the Atlas Mountains Of Morocco are traditionally woven by Berber women. The wonderfully wild and abstract compositions silently give insight in a culture which has its roots in heathen religions.

Why get your Moroccan Berber rug from us ? 

✧ We provides the most Beautiful Authentic Moroccan rugs. 

✧ Each rug is unique. No one in the world will have the same one!

 ✧ Our rugs are hand-woven by Artist Berber craftswomen whose know-how has spanned centuries from generation to generation.

 ✧ You help craftspeople to promote their arts and perpetuate their traditions. 

✧ 15% of Profits are invested in Artisan Communities. You allow them to live a better life. How Our Azilal Rugs Are Made ?


 By Getting an Azilal Rug from us, you are sure to buy the best quality of Morrocan rug. The wool of the carpet comes from the sheep of the high Atlas mountains. This water-rich environment allows our sheep to feed mainly on 100% organic herbs and plants, the climate of these regions is dry and cool at the same time because of the altitude. These environmental conditions allow the Berber sheep to flourish and provide a very high quality wool, ultra-soft and warm, an infinite pleasure for our toes. 

azilal rugs morocco

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This is just a suggested azilal rugs designe for morocco berber rugs offref  by trusted moroccan company based and owned by Moroccan owners. If this desinge type doesn’t meet your rugs  ideas we has a range of other azila rugs and Morocco berber rugs designed to enhance your home decoration to , Moroccan artisant  and personalized costume rugs desinge  are our specialty and our services cover the whole of the country.