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Handmade Berber Azilal Carpet

Dimensions : 5.24 x 3.60 ft (160 x 110 cm)
Material: 100% Wool
Origin: Handmade in Morocco
Condition: Excellent condition!

Our Azilal carpets are not only a decorative piece to embellish your rooms. It is an art stories that tell the story of the ancient Berber past and its encounter with the current life of its nomadic creator.

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Authentic Moroccan Azilal carpet

 By Getting an Azilal Rug from us, you are sure to buy the best quality of Morrocan rug. The wool of the carpet comes from the sheep of the high Atlas mountains. This water-rich environment allows our sheep to feed mainly on 100% organic herbs and plants, the climate of these regions is dry and cool at the same time because of the altitude. These environmental conditions allow the Berber sheep to flourish and provide a very high quality wool, ultra-soft and warm, an infinite pleasure for our toes. 

Handmade Moroccan Berber Carpet

Production Method

– We collect the wool from the markets in the Berber villages. – We clean the wool. We dye the wool with vegetable-based dyes. – We spin the wool. – We give the wool to the artisan who will weave the rug. – The artisan prepares his loom. – After the weaving is finished, we wash the rug and let it dry in the sun.

Azilal Moroccan Carpet

Azilal rugs often tell stories through their use of bold colours and patterns. Originating from the high Atlas mountains, these sought-after creations are single-knotted, and woven in wool with intricate patterns and symbolism.

Azilal Moroccoan Carpet Prices :

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This is just a suggested azilal rugs designe for morocco berber rugs offref  by trusted moroccan company based and owned by Moroccan owners. If this desinge type doesn’t meet your rugs  ideas we has a range of other azila rugs and Morocco berber rugs designed to enhance your home decoration to , Moroccan artisant  and personalized costume rugs desinge  are our specialty and our services cover the whole of the country.